We do more than advise, we collaborate  to assure  strategies are specific to your company’s challenges and solutions align with your immediate and long-term business goals.

  • Management consulting and enterprise strategy
  • Business and clinical performance management
  • Care delivery transformation
  • Mergers and acquisitions guidance and assimilation


Decades of experience at large corporations have given us the ability to take companies quickly and efficiently through the period  of discontinuity and to experience rapid transformation.

  • Organizational planning
  • Training, mentoring, executive coaching
  • Process reinvention, assimilation, and implementation

IT-Enabled Business Solutions

We integrate and synthesize existing technology platforms with modern solutions for integrated, interoperable,  accurate, and secure exchange of information.

  • Design and architecture
  • Sourcing and development information management and decision support
  • Implementation leadership
  • Business-to-business interactions


We lead  facilitated events of cross-functional teams of clinicians, c-suite leadership, technologists/ information specialists and business visionaries  to generate new ways of innovating health care solutions. As a result, organizational learning and maturity at all levels is recognized and achieved.

  • Offsite meetings and sessions
  • Executive strategy planning
  • Inspiring group collaboration for performance and results
  • Mentoring